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How to hire Web Developers (find recruiters with Dev training)

Many individuals, businesses, organizations, and companies alike; are having a really hard time finding, hiring, and retaining quality, well fitting, Web Developers for their needs. From the disconnect with skillsets, projects, salary, goals, company culture, and people themselves to name a few.

This is a result of many HR departments; and more so- where they source the hiring/recruiting process to; which have little to 0 knowledge or training on Web Development. Throughout my 6+ year career as a Web Developer; I have been in communications with many many, so called “Tech recruiters”; and sadly I’ve only had a decent experience with 2 out of say 200. The disconnect between role, person, and need is astounding.

Web Development is still a pretty relatively new field and occupation; and it’s changing constantly and rapidly. This, with the facts of the really ‘not-so-hot’ economy; many small to mid-sized companies choose to outsource their search and hiring to “staffing” agencies or “I.T. recruitment firms“; and often at a really high cost (though they are initially sold otherwise). Is it really worth it?

These “I.T. recruiters” and “specialize staffing firms” sell a lot, but do very little. I can’t imagine many organizations having too much long term success using this technique of recruiting Web Developers. Firstly, my experience (from both sides of the spectrum); they waste a ton of time. They sell and sell, the role to suspecting “high caliber candidates”; saying and doing anything to get them apply. They shove their army of poorly screened ill-fitting, irrelevant candidates down the hiring clients throats, then wake up the next morning hitting their LinkedIn premium accounts starting the process all over again.

These large disconnects and massive time wasters come from the fact; that while these recruitment firms or staffing agencies have and use trendy buzz tech words in their pitches and even company names; 99% have almost 0 knowledge of the role in which they are recruiting for, specific to Web Development. Even giving them the benefit of the doubt, “I.T. specific recruitment” or “tech recruitment” is way to broad of a category these days from the get go. Web Development is large enough on it’s own.

From these “recruiting firm” stand-points anyone with either a sales or maybe a small Psychology background – can do enough to make that commission and sell, and sell, and sell. All they care about is their immediate commission. They don’t truly know or care. They scuffle to round up semi-appropriate candidates to throw at the poor client as fast as possible.

Shouldn’t modern day Web Development recruiters be at-least somewhat required to get a certification at minimum, or maybe just have a tiny bit of training in the roles their recruiting for? This would help tremendously, and save ions of everyone’s time, money, and headaches.

Another simple disconnect I see often; recruiters that are not familiar with the regions in which their seeking Web Developers. This is time wasting as your speaking with ill fitting Web Developers that can’t commute to you, unknowledgeable of their local training they’ve listed on their resume, along with previous companies and organizations worked for. Ultimately, within my entire Web Development career – I’ve noticed this large struggle and disconnect with finding, hiring, and retaining quality well fitting Web Developers. The ‘recruiters’ assigned to do so – just don’t really care or know what the role is, so alas do nothing but waste time in the vast majority of scenarios.

This is why I decided to offer Web Development recruitment services for companies.

With my background consisting of 7 years Web Development experience, with lots of contracting positions, I have a unique insight of the Web Development profession. I’ve held positions where we sought to hire Web Developers and just had a nightmare of a time using third parties. I’ve had other times where weeks of my time was wasted on irrelevant roles.

My recruitment service is dead simple; send me an email about your open Web Developer role (the more specs the better!). I then will search, find, and thoroughly assess the candidates skills. I charge a flat fee of 10% no matter what; hourly, permanent, or temp contract. I also offer a guarantee refund! Contact me for more information.

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