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How to use classes in JavaScript

In object-oriented programming, the code, methods, attributes, and other information that make up an object can be organized into “classes”, the class construct allows to define prototype-based classes with a … Read More »

7 ways to cut down on web load time (Performance tips)

  1.  Use CSS over JavaScript, jQuery, and images; wherever and as much as possible. CSS3 (& SASS) is very powerful these days, and by far the lightest approach. Animations, sprites, textures,
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What is an anonymous function in JavaScript?!

  • An anonymous function, is basically a function without a name or may also be referred to as a self-invoking inline function.
  • Take functions stored in variables, for instance, if
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Interactive Angular auto-fill with fun results (JS front-end demo)

Using JS and Angular this is how we accomplish the input drop-down autofill functionality.  You’ll see I’m getting the input value, then I’m storing the auto-complete values in an array … Read More »

Web Development: Pop Quizzes (sample)

As a Web Developer you’ll get countless pop quizzes and tests throughout your career. Here’s one I received not too long ago.

What excites or interests you most in the Read More »

Pertaining to using ‘.this’ in JavaScript (Tip)

Should you use the “this” object, or is that unnecessary and redundant?

Consistently using ‘this’ for object reference; while not particularly always required is a great idea in my opinion. … Read More »

Simple CSS / jQuery chaining animation demo

Simple jQuery and CSS3 chaining animation with Jsfiddle demo. Some key terms; .toggleClass, .text, transformtransition, setTimeout, rotate().

Using a series of setTimeout(functions)’s to … Read More »