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Don’t skip out on a Web Analytics plan for your eCommerce website

Let’s think about it

“Google Analytics is a valuable ally in the ecommerce battle for consumer dollars. The insights it provides contains a wealth of information about your site, your visitors and where they came from. All this information can be used to find new customers and increase conversions.” explains Richard Lazazzera in his article titled ‘Google Analytics For Ecommerce: A Beginners Guide – Shopify’ on the Shopify website.

How it works

Popular available tools out there include; Google Analytics, Clicky, KISSmetrics, Church, Mint, Open Web Analytics, Clicktale, CrazyEGG, and Cloudflare.

Ie. Google, still reigning supreme on the Analytics front (and everything else, really); provides a powerful suite of services and abilities with it’s GA or Google Analytics API.

Easier goals include simply tracking views and geography. Tracking user bounce rate or abandon rate within pages or forms, users average time on page(s),

User insights are crucial to an eCommerce web property, to say the least…

What are some more possibilities?

The possibilities are kind of enormous
When elements or documents are pressed (hovered, scrolled, etc), time and place of website visit, and how the user got to your web property. With GA’s relatively new predictive analytics API, obviously the rabbit hole can get a lot deeper; from making predictions based on user behavior patterns and assuming user sentiment and much more.

What can I do with this information I’ve gathered?

You have a great eCommerce web property; and what you seem to think as a great product but nothing is happening. You have no user base, traffic, or conversations. You are lost in the dark and confused.

You learn valuable things like what works with my eCommerce website, and what doesn’t work. What do users like and dislike? What products are selling and which aren’t?

How are the users liking your design?
Why do users respond more to X as opposed to Y?
What devices do your users view your webpages on? At what time of day?


“2017 is the first year mobile claimed more sessions (52%) than desktop (36%) and tablet (12%) combined. Desktop generates 61% of all online revenue, with users 164% more likely to convert than those browsing on mobile. Plus, when desktop users convert, they spend an average of 20% more per order than mobile shoppers.” is just a small tidbit sample of data insight achievable with analytics; as described by Alan Coleman on his thorough article published on titled ‘The E-Commerce Benchmark KPI Study 2017: 15 Essential Takeaways’. In the ever growing, always expanding and never ending digital and Information Age; data is one of the most valuable thing to obtain. All data obtained via advance tracking and analytical tools provides worthwhile insight of what works and what doesn’t, what your users may like and dislike, the effectiveness of your strategies; design, user flows, web forms; and then of course how and what to sell in terms of products and which price points and where.
Do you care about growth?

Don’t skimp out on a Web Analytics plan for your eCommerce website.


“The real revolution isn’t about the data, it is about the stunning progress in the statistical and other methods of extracting insights from the data.” exclaims Gary King on his website Without continuing for ions, the power, utility, technology, capabilities, and just utmost value of implementing and utilizing an Analytics strategy on your eCommerce web property is priceless.

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